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Sectors We Serve

Camelot Energy Group specializes in the clean energy sector, particularly focusing on these key areas:

  • Solar

  • Energy Storage

  • Clean Energy Programs

  • Energy Access




Enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth in one hour to supply all of the energy needs of the global population for a year. However, when it comes to capturing and using that energy, the devil is, as they say, in the details. At Camelot Energy Group, we specialize in those details and our team members have supported the financing and construction of over 7GW of solar PV projects, including:

  • Managing quality assurance for portfolios of distributed solar projects and performing hundreds of hands-on field inspections

  • Performing Owner’s Engineering on utility scale projects from 500kW to 100’s of MW

  • Providing technical due diligence and independent engineering (IE) services to support financing of portfolios, projects, and development platforms

  • Supporting and evaluating state clean energy programs to support solar PV and related technologies

  • Developed and delivered numerous trainings on relevant codes, standards, and best practices

Our team members have supported many different public and private clients building and investing in solar technologies. See our Services page or contact us to learn more.



Scaling adoption of clean energy technologies will require a range of enabling technologies but none is more critical than the ability to safely and cost-effectively store and manage electricity. Energy storage technologies, from lithium-ion batteries to pumped hydro facilities, are key to managing the grid of tomorrow and the team at Camelot Energy Group has unique expertise and insights into the energy storage industry. From island microgrids to large utility-scale grid support applications, our team members have supported the energy storage transition for nearly two decades and bring core expertise in:

  • Ensured asset owners receive the best possible technologies, designs, and installations during typical Owners Engineering engagements

  • Evaluating new technologies and suppliers through our Strategic Advisory services

  • Performing Technical due diligence and independent engineering on energy storage (including those with colocated solar) facilities and portfolios

  • Developing and delivering trainings to support government entities and clean energy programs

  • Provided key insights on developing codes and standards via our recent publications, including our founder’s recent book, published with the International Code Council and International Association of Electrical Inspectors.


Our team members have supported dozens of energy storage projects, including over 4GWh projects. Please contact us if you would like to know more.




Clean energy programs often provide valuable incentives and technical support that have been key to driving adoption of new technologies. Though solar PV is much more cost-effective than it was even a few years ago, these programs continue to play a vital role and Camelot Energy Group is pleased to support these efforts. Our team members have:

  • Helped state incentive programs build and manage quality assurance programs, ensuring that public funds support high quality, safe, and effective installations through program design, technical design reviews, process improvement, and implementation of over 4,000 hands-on field inspections.

  • Evaluated public and utility-run incentive programs to determine cost-effectiveness, participant satisfaction, attributable energy benefits, and support filings with relevant regulatory bodies.

  • Supported utilities during Integrated Resource Plan processes by analyzing technical, economic, and market potential for solar, energy storage, and other clean energy technologies.

Our team members have worked with programs at the federal level and in over a dozen states. If you manage clean energy programs and need support running, evaluating, or expanding such a program please contact us.




Globally, more than 750 million people (twice the population of the United States) lack access to electricity and some 2.6 billion people lack access to clean cooking fuels. At Camelot, we believe that a transition to a clean energy future must include energy access for all and we are glad to support these efforts through:


The global impact investment market is a growing and powerful tool for implementing positive change in energy access. If you need help on this important topic, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us.

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